Why COPmitment?

Why COPmitment?

A new initiative has been launched to spark actions to fight climate change and to create a community for those who believe strongly that individual actions matter. COPmitment, a citizens’ climate forum is to bring climate discussions into the virtual sphere through demonstrating the importance of individual steps. Through a series of video-testimonies, people from around the world can share how they fight climate change.

‘Stopping climate change and reversing our Planet to a sustainable course requires immediate action from us all. While we must keep forcing governments and companies to act, we, as individual citizens of this Planet all have our responsibility. This starts at home, by rethinking every single step from the food we take, to commute and travel, and how we use natural resources and enrich biodiversity. It goes as far as standing up for climate justice and divesting from funds that invest in the petrochemical industry. On a short term, travelling less frequently or leaving meat consumption behind might feel as a sacrifice. But right away, it will start bringing its benefits, from our own personal satisfaction to the impact on the common good’ – summed it up Gábor Sarlós, initiator of COPmitment.

To double up on COP 26, the UN climate conference early November in Glasgow, 52 steps will be launched through a short video testimony. Each step is organised into a video discussion thread so that all best practices in a category, from saving rainwater, and repairing clothes to creating mulch, will follow one other. Sharing best practices will show diversity of possible actions to fight the common biggest global challenge, climate change.

The video discussions are hosted by Vialog, a tool to grow communities and engagement with interactive video discussions. Vialog is committed to the environment with Climate Positive Discussion Promise and the One Thread One Tree Program. Vialog is a Net Zero emissions company from 2020 and has a Climate Positive Workforce.

‘With launching this initiative we want to demonstrate the endless opportunities for action each of us can do. At the same time, by reaching out to members of the COP26 meeting, we want to demonstrate that only actions matter. Time is up, speaking does not suffice any more. Delaying action is denying climate change – and, from here on, this is all the responsibility of governments and companies’ – summed it up Gabor Sarlos.

For further information and for media and technical support please contact Vialog team at support@vialog.app

Gabor Sarlos is a communication academic, consultant and practitioner, dedicated to the cause of fighting climate change. His research, teaching, publications and activism supports awareness building and taking firm actions. His strong belief is that climate change concerns everyone, no individual, company or government can delay or deny immediate actions.

You can browse the actions and join daily community discussions to take climate positive actions.


Why COPmitment?
November 9, 2021

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